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Rabu, 29 Jun 2011

BitDefender Total Security 2012 v15.0.24.788 (x86/x64) Incl lifetime license

BitDefender Total Security 2012 v15.0.24.788 (x86/x64) Incl lifetime license

BitDefender Total Security 2012 v15.0.24.788 (x86/x64) Incl lifetime license | 471 MB

BitDefender Total Security 2012 product stands for comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, phising and identity theft attacks, including file encryption, online backups and tools for optimizing system speed, secure firewall and the availability of tools to optimize and backup systems in one package.

Here are some key features of "BitDefender Total Security":
- Proactive protection stops new viruses and malware that other products miss.

- Optimize your system by identifying the applications that slow you down. Then, using Tune Up make the recommended corrective actions to improve the speed of your PC.

- Eliminate the chances your data and conversations are leaked to others over email, Facebook, IM, or websites that track your online activities.

- Match the interface to your level of comfort by selecting between Basic, Intermediate, or Expert settings-and quickly create shortcuts to frequently used controls.

- Establish a two-way firewall with just a few clicks, to continuously monitor your Internet connections and prevent unauthorized access-even over a Wi-Fi network.

- Store photos, movies, music, and data on a secure Internet server, and access them from anywhere on the Internet.

- With parental controls you'll receive reports, by browser, email, or cell phone, on recent online activity for each child's computer in your home network.

- Automatically activate Game, Laptop, or Silent Mode to minimize interruptions, prolong battery life, or reduce system load to ensure seamless and secure gameplay.

- A new collection of step-by-step videos helps you navigate through common security challenges.

What's New in This Release:
- Autopilot provides a hassle-free experience by making optimal security-related decisions without input from you. This means no pop-ups, no alerts, nothing to configure.

Scan Dispatcher:
- The Scan Dispatcher finds and uses time-slices when system resource usage falls below a certain threshold to perform recurring scans of your entire system. This way BitDefender does not interfere with user-initiated actions and does not impact system responsiveness.

Rescue Mode:
- If e-threats, such as rootkits, cannot be removed from within the Windows operating system, the computer is re-booted in Rescue mode a trusted environment which is then used for cleanup and restoration.

Online Backup:
- The updated Online Backup monitors your important files and instantly backs them up to a secure remote server whenever a change is detected. BitDefender Total Security comes with 2GB of free storage.

Streamlined installation:
- BitDefender 2012 easily installs with just a few clicks, and in half the time required by the previous version.

Integrated Cloud services:
- The real-time, global interchange of data between BitDefender servers in the cloud and BitDefender 2012 products ensures that emerging e-threats, such as virus outbreaks and major spam waves, are dealt with swiftly.

Social Networking protection:
- BitDefender prevents social-networking specific e-threats by scanning the links you receive from your Facebook and Twitter friends, monitoring your privacy settings, and much more.

File Sync:
- Using Safebox, you can easily synchronize files between your PCs (such as your desktop and laptop). Changes made on one system are automatically applied to the other systems.

Flexible interface:
- Drag and drop modules to get quick access to the actions you perform most often directly from the main window.

- Added Antifraud filter
- Improved boot performance (with 22% faster) 
- Improved scan performance 
- Improved interface performance (with 52% faster) 
- Shortcuts for each module settings 

Bug fixes: 
- Fixed MyAccount login errors 
- Fixed uninstall problems with Firewall drivers 
- Fixed CPU load caused by events 
- Clean MBR infection 
- Fixed problems on https scan (Transilvania bank, Gmail) 
- Fixed Sandbox problems on Windows Vista Fixed crashes Fixed installation problems when Eset Smart Security 4 is already installed 
and many more ..

Installation notes: See Setup.txt

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p/s : sowi la post entri pas nie mybe byk dlm BI kot sbb klo translet nnt mcm xsedap je bunyi ayat tu....hehehe ^^

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